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Aug 02, 2019

One of the most advanced humanoid robot from Thomson Electronics Pvt Ltd  exhibited in ROBO EXPO organised by Dept   of ECE  on 8-3-2018 as a part of Tech Fest THRILOK 2K18. The robot has worked out how to sit up, crawl, dance and sing . On the other hand serious basic research for humanoid robots is going on which may have an impact on the future of robotics. The exhibition uncovered the Industrial Revolution, 20th century popular culture and our dreams of the future.Additive manufacturing, better known in the market as 3D printing (3DP), has been evolving over the past 30 years. There is growing evidence that the advancements in technology and materials have finally brought it beyond the hype stage. However, awareness of 3DP and a readiness to leverage it for prototyping, tools, fixtures and even finished products are increasing. The range of materials that can now be used is vast, including plastics, porcelain, ceramics, stainless steel, carbon, graphene, titanium and other metals. In this expo  Dept  of ECE in association with Thomson electronics exhibited a 3D printer .

Nirmala College of Engineering
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